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Garmin Forerunner 745 versus Venu 2: Which Should You Buy?

When I reviewed the Garmin Venu 2 earlier this year, several people asked about the Forerunner 745 in comparison. The two are similar in features and close enough in price (Venu is $399; Forerunner is $499), but they’re definitely for totally different people. So, who is each one for? Let’s take a closer look.

Rad Power’s Latest E-Bike Debuts with a Streamlined New Look

Rad Power, the electric fat-tire bike manufacturer, has unveiled an upgraded model of its flagship RadRover 6 Plus with a streamlined new look. The latest RadRover 6 Plus is the brand’s first e-bike with an integrated battery, not to mention packs a slew of upgrades for its higher $1,999 starting price.

DuckDuckGo’s New Service Anonymizes Your Email Address

As anti-tracking tools grow more popular in the browser, advertisers are finding more sophisticated ways to track your activity and interests through email. Invisible trackers can detect when and where you open a message, and if you stick to a single email address, it’s very easy to build an advertising profile based on the websites, stores, and newsletters you sign up with. The solution? Uh … DuckDuckGo?

Cheap Fire Tablets Will Soon Be Great Game Emulators

Fans of RetroArch, the popular open-source front-end for emulators, will be thrilled to hear that it’s officially arrived on Amazon’s Appstore. Users can now easily emulate games on Fire tablets without having to sideload the RetroArch APK or install a custom ROM with Google Play Store services.

Finding Wear OS Apps Won’t Be So Awful Anymore

Searching for Wear OS apps is a genuine pain in the neck. It’s a process that Google (thankfully) wants to revamp ahead of the “new WearOS” launch later this year. Over the next few weeks, Google will push a Play Store and Wear OS update to streamline the app searching and installation process.

Okay, Why Is Samsung Selling a 1,000-inch TV?

Samsung just released a new version of “The Wall,” its ridiculously oversized MicroLED TV display. This upgraded model comes in several configurations and can measure up to 1,000-inches in size. Okay, so why is Samsung selling a 1,000-inch TV?

Upcoming Bose QuietComfort Headphones Finally Ditch the Micro-USB Port

Five years after their release, the Bose QC35s are still some of the best wireless noise canceling headphones available today. But they’re starting to show their age, especially when it’s time to use the Micro-USB charging port—yuck! Thankfully, a new FCC filing shows that Bose is preparing to release the QC45, its latest iteration in the QuietComfort series.