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Spotify Finally Fixes Its Stupid Play Button

For whatever reason, the big green “play” button at the top of Spotify playlists is actually a “shuffle” button. That’s why shuffle seems to turn itself on all the time. But Spotify will correct its most frustrating, unintuitive design choice by offering users a new button.

The Best Tech to Battle a Hot Summer

There are always quite a few days in the summer where it seems like you can’t walk out the door without instantly sweating. Some years have more scorching days than others, but luckily, there’s some awesome tech that’ll make your home even more of a cool haven.

DuckDuckGo Browser Will Block Microsoft Trackers Following Backlash

After months of backlash, DuckDuckGo’s browser will finally block Microsoft trackers. The company will also provide more transparency to its users by publishing a full list of blocked domains, updating its Privacy Dashboard to show when scripts are blocked or loaded, and building a custom ad conversion system for its search engine.

Are Smart Smoke Detectors Worth It?

For the last half-century, smoke alarms have toed the line between “essential life-saving product” and “shockingly outdated annoyance.” But if you’re willing to spend some extra cash, you can now buy a smart smoke detector. These internet-connected alarms can send remote alerts to your phone, integrate with other smart products, and turn off using simple voice commands.

Toyota Offers Everything but a Fix for bZ4X EV Recall

A few months ago, Toyota released its first all-electric vehicle, the bZ4X EV, then quickly announced a recall over the wheels potentially falling off. And while the problem sounds easily fixable, with the hub bolts loosening over time, they’ve yet to offer a solution.

Your LG TV May Come with 3 Months of Stadia Pro

Late last year, select LG smart TVs gained support for the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform. And these TVs are now eligible for three months of Stadia Pro for free. All you need to do is open the LG Content Store on your TV, find the Stadia Pro offer, and scan a QR code with your phone.