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This Scotsman Electric Scooter Is 3D-Printed for Your Body

Arevo, the company behind the bespoke 3D-printed Superstrata bike, is now setting its sights on electric scooters. The Scotsman electric scooter is available on IndieGoGo now, and if you don’t mind giving away your arm and leg length, weight, and height, Arevo can 3D-print the unibody Scotsman to your body.

Should You Buy a Headset or a USB Microphone?

USB microphones and headsets both offer relatively budget-friendly options when it comes to capturing audio, but they have very different priorities when doing so. Which one is better for your situation? Let’s dive a bit deeper and figure that out.

Google’s Built-from-Scratch Fuchsia OS Arrives on the Nest Hub

After years of behind-the-scenes development, Google’s Fuchsia OS is making its public debut on the first-generation Nest Hub. The new operating system, which Google built from scratch, replaces the Linux-based Chrome OS currently found in Google smart displays. You probably won’t notice the change when it happens, but Fuchsia OS is a very big deal.