The Best Running Watch For Every Budget

If you’re running regularly, it’s useful to be able to track your progress, pace, elevation, and route. Your smartphone can do that, but a dedicated running watch is a far more useful solution. We’ve checked out the best running watches, whatever your needs.

The Best Automatic Dog Food Dispensers

Automated dog food dispensers won’t just make your life easier, they can also improve your dog’s health by giving them consistently timed and portioned meals when they’re most convenient for you (whether you’re there or not).

The Best Laptop Bags Under $40

So you just bought that dream laptop. Super-powerful. Amazingly thin. And so expensive that you have barely any money left for a bag to carry it around in. We’ve got you covered.

The Best Cameras for Beginners

Smartphone cameras are great, but they’re no replacement for a real camera. The one thing they are very good at, however, is introducing new people to photography. If you’re interested in upgrading to a serious camera with interchangeable lenses, here’s our tips and top picks for beginners.