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OnePlus 11 Pro Could Return a Fan-Favorite Feature

When the OnePlus 10T arrived this summer, it was missing a fan-favorite feature that’s been a staple on all OnePlus phones, the alert slider. Being the mid-cycle release, it didn’t pack all the latest and greatest specs. However, fans should be excited if the latest OnePlus 11 Pro leak is accurate.

Hulkman Alpha 85 Portable Jump Starter Review: Just Buy One

There’s nothing worse than having a dead car battery and hearing that dreaded “clicking” noise when you turn the key. And you can’t always rely on a good samaritan to stop with jumper cables. That’s where HULKMAN’s portable jump starter comes in handy. Pull it out, boost the battery yourself, and be on your way.

Lutron Debuts New Caseta Smart Dimmer and Switch

Lutron, the popular smart home brand that makes everything from smart blinds to light switches, just updated its most popular Caseta lineup with two new products. The company announced the new Caseta Diva Smart Dimmer and Claro Smart Switch this week.

Roku Reveals Its Upgraded Home Screen, Plus Two New Products

Roku owners are in for a surprise. In the coming months, Roku will roll out an upgraded home screen experience with a new “Continue Watching” panel, a universal “Save List,” and something called “The Buzz.” Plus, customers can now pre-order a new Roku Express streamer and Roku Bass subwoofer.

7 iPhone Hacks for Your Work From Home Routine

In the past couple of years, millions of employees transitioned to a work-from-home (WFH) setup. This new setting can pose some obstacles for the average person. However, remote employees with an iPhone can implement the nifty hacks below to increase productivity and perfect their WFH routine.

Here’s Why the New Airpods Pro May Fit Your Ear Better

You might be in luck if you’re hesitant to purchase Apple’s new AirPods Pro because you have narrow ear canals. MacRumors reports that the new model of the wireless earbuds includes an extra small silicone ear tip to alleviate the issue of AirPods not fitting right and falling out of users’ ears.

Volcon’s New Electric Bike Looks Ready to Slay

You might not know much about Volcon Epowersports, a Texas-based company that makes some pretty unique electric motorcycles. However, today the company unveiled its first electric bike, the Volcon Brat, a full suspension fat-tire ebike that looks ready to give Super73 a run for its money.

Everything You Need to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

If your keyboard has had a spill or is dirty, nasty, or dusty, you’ll no doubt want to clean it. How, though? Sometimes cleaning a keyboard can be a bit more complex than initially planned. Let’s review the best products and procedures to get the best results.

Does Mileage Matter on a Used EV?

As electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity, we’ll start seeing more used EVs available for sale. If you’re in the market for an electric car, you’re likely wondering how much mileage matters on a used EV.

The Best Cases for Your iPhone 14

The long-awaited iPhone 14 is finally available. But if you’ve ordered this expensive device, you should protect your investment with a case. And there are plenty of great options to choose from. So, let’s cut to the chase—here are the best cases for your iPhone 14.

How to Buy the iPhone 14

It’s time to save big on the new iPhone 14. Nearly all carriers offer the iPhone 14 for free with a qualifying trade-in and unlimited plan. Plus, Best Buy and Apple have some generous discounts if you hand over a newer device.