The Best Powerline Network Adapters

If you want high-speed network access throughout your home and Wi-Fi isn’t cutting it, you’ve probably considered running Ethernet cables. But why not take advantage of the power lines you already have going everywhere?

Five Tips and Tricks to Set Up In-Car Entertainment for Your Kids

Are we nearly there yet? How many times do you hear this on a road trip with the kids? Too often, right? In-car entertainment goes a long way to keeping your kids (and you) happy on long journeys, but there’s a lot to take in. We’ve come up with some valuable tips and tricks on exactly how to keep the kids entertained, and your sanity intact, while you travel.

The Best Desk Chair Alternatives

For millennia, the preferred place to park your posterior has been a chair. But this is The Future, people! We don’t have flying cars, but we can do better than a rusty faux leather swivel chair.