The Best Management Simulator Games

Some games make you feel like a powerful warrior. Some make you feel like an authoritative commander. And some games make you feel like an ingenious master of all things mechanical, economical, and strategical. Sound good? Here are the best.

The Best Eero Mounts for Every Surface of Your Home

The Eero may be the sleekest mesh-routing solution on the market. It has a simple design, and it serves a simple purpose; to spread Wi-Fi throughout your home. Now, leaving such a nice system on the edge of a desk or behind a TV is a bit of a shame… Why not mount it?

The New MacBook Air Might Kill Off The MacBook

Apple has a real crowd-pleaser on its hands with the long-overdue return of the MacBook Air. With modern processors and a new retina screen, plus a redesigned unibody and Touch ID, it’s definitely gathering some interest from fans of the original.