Eight Simple Party Games for Any Crowd (That Anyone Can Learn)

You’ve got people coming over for a party and you want to play some games. Someone will inevitably suggest Cards Against Humanity, but we think we can do a bit better than that. (Especially if you want to include the kids.) These games are perfect for (nearly) any age and are simple enough that a whole group can learn quickly so you can get to the fun.

Five Ways to Stay Warm in Your Icy Office

Your office is freezing and you’re certainly not imagining it—office temperatures are set, year round, at a temperature that’s very uncomfortable to most people. Here’s five ways to stay warm no matter how frosty your office is.

Four Awesome Gadgets for Busy Dog Lovers

What’s better than seeing the look on your pup’s face when you give him a treat and you’re not even there? Or knowing that your pooch can get the correct amount of exercise, even with those long days when you’re at the office? We’ve rounded up some awesome gadgets for busy dog lovers everywhere.

Rocketbook Wave Review: The Most Productive Way to Literally Cook the Books

Sometimes, the best way to take notes is with good old-fashioned pen and paper. That can make organizing and searching your notes a pain, though. The Rocketbook Wave, like many before it, wants to get the best of both worlds by letting you easily digitize and backup your notes. Unlike those before it, you can stick this notebook in the microwave to erase it. Yes, really.

Plex VR Would Be the Best Way to Watch Movies With Long Distance Friends If It Weren’t VR

Recently, Plex announced its brand new Plex VR app. Watching movies in VR is nothing new, but Plex also announced a newer, more interesting feature: Watch Together. You and up to three friends, each with your own VR headsets, can sit in a virtual living room and watch movies or TV together—no matter where you are in the world. While we were impressed with the experience, it leaves us with one question: why does this have to be VR in the first place?