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King Bee II Microphone Review: The Hype Is Questionable

Neat Microphones’ affordable King Bee II has garnered a massive following from both amateur and professional audio nerds. But after testing the microphone for a few months, I have complicated feelings. The King Bee II sounds awesome, but its weight and design make it a bad choice for some customers.

I Wish Every Vehicle Had Rivian’s New “Camp Mode”

Now that Rivian’s R1T and R1S “electric adventure vehicles” are shipping to more buyers, the company is busy adding awesome new features with quick software updates. Rivian recently released a new “Camp Mode” for its vehicles, and I wish every car had it. Plus, for its target audience, it’ll be a game-changer.

Hackers Are Turning James Webb Telescope Images Into Malware

The first image from the James Webb Telescope may bring more than pictures of far-off galaxies to your computer. Securonix, a security analytics firm, released an advisory this week highlighting a new malware campaign that incorporates the first image from the space telescope. The company dubbed the campaign “GO#WEBBFUSCATOR.”

The Secret Meaning Behind Every Apple Event Name Since 2001

Steve Jobs set the standard for product announcements in Apple Events. His keynote appearances became so popular that fans dubbed his speeches “Steve Notes.” Now, it’s a tradition for Apple to send colorful invitations to the press members for upcoming events, with a tagline teasing what’s to come.

GM Cruise Robotaxi Software Recalled and Updated After Crash

At this point, it’s no secret that GM’s Cruise self-driving robotaxi service isn’t going too well. Then again, new technology like this is bound to hit a few speed bumps or potholes. This week we learned that Cruise issued a voluntary software recall, updated the system, and has new software in all 80 of its self-driving cars.

Best Silent Mice for Your Computer

Whether completing a company assignment or taking on a boss in a game, most of us use our computer mice daily to meet our goals. However, mice can also be noisy, especially if you’re a frequent clicker or in a public space. Silent mice are the answer for you.

Insanely Fast PCIe 5.0 SSDs Are Just Around the Corner

Are you ready for a new era of SSDs? Following the Ryzen 7000 launch on August 29th, AMD executives announced that the first consumer-grade PCIe 5.0 SDDs will launch in November. These advanced SSDs offer up to 15.8 Gbps of bandwidth—so long as you own a compatible CPU and motherboard, of course.