Who Cares If You Click an Ad If It’s What You Searched For

Google recently made a change to how it displays (and differentiates) ads from organic results in search. With this change, ads become slightly more indistinguishable from other results, which has some people up in arms. But I submit a question: does it really matter if it still takes you where you need to go?

Deal Alert: Get the Full-Sized Google Home for $45

You might have a home full of Google Home Mini speakers, or its successor, the Nest Mini, but what about the full-sized Google Home? That has all the same features (save a headphone jack) but sounds better when you want music. And today you can grab one for less than $50—the usual asking price of a Nest Mini.

Groove Life Rings and Apple Watch Band Review: Groovy, Baby

Silicone wedding bands have become increasingly popular over the last several years, as they’re more comfortable, safer, and more affordable than traditional rings made of precious metals. While there is no shortage of manufacturers to choose from, Groove Life is making some of the best silicone bands out there right now.

The Best Smart Bulbs for Any Smart Home Setup

Smart bulbs are cheap and easier to use than ever before. They can also change your home more dramatically than more expensive smart devices. We’ve selected the best smart bulbs you can get right now, including two budget options that are rocking the smart-home world.

How to Clean Battery Acid Off Your Gadgets

If you’ve put away a device and forgotten to take out the batteries, the terminals are probably covered in battery acid by now. The good news is, you can clean them pretty easily, depending on the severity of the leak.

What to Expect from Smartphones in 2020

There’s a lot to be excited about if you’re looking for something new in the world of smartphones. And if you happen to be in the market for a new phone this year, you’re probably wondering what’s on the horizon. Read on to find out.

The Newest Wyze Camera Update Kills Person Detection, But Motion Detection Stays

Last July, Wyze announced a surprising new feature for its cameras—free person detection. You didn’t need the cloud or subscription fees to benefit. That was due to reliance on an outside company named Xnor.ai that specializes in edge computing. Unfortunately, that good news comes to an end today. Wyze just released a firmware update to remove person detection—with a promise to bring it back.