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All Phones Should Come With a Kickstand, But This Universal Spigen One Will Do

Way back in 2010, HTC released the greatest phone ever made, the Evo 4G. It was the first 4G phone in the US, it had a front-facing camera, a massive (for the time) 4.3″ screen, and most importantly, a kickstand. While all of its other innovations have become standard in almost every phone on Earth, the kickstand fell by the wayside. Until Spigen picked up the baton for all our benefit, that is.

My Stupid Cats Won’t Use This $450 Litter Robot, But Maybe Yours Will

I have two cats and they’re jerks. They hate each other, and in an escalating battle for dominance, they routinely leave their poops uncovered in the various litter boxes in our small apartment. Keeping up with this and eliminating the smell is a nightmare. I decided to try the Litter Robot III to manage my cats’ messes a little easier. The little monsters won’t use it, but the Litter Robot itself is pretty impressive.