The Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker Makes Electronics Projects a Breeze

Mechanical keyboard fans experience a peculiar form of buyer’s remorse: wondering if we chose the wrong switches for our latest build. Unfortunately, removing the solder to get the switch off is much more of a hassle than it is to put it on in the first place.

The solution: upgrade the solder removing tool that comes with your soldering iron kit to the Engineer SS-02 model. This compact, steel Japanese design uses a flexible silicone tip that’s durable enough to survive direct contact with a hot iron. That makes it easy to get the solder up before it hardens.

The upgraded sucker is about thirty bucks, more than twice the cost of a plastic one. But if you can’t sink $200 into a professional desolder gun, it’s worth every penny.

Michael Crider Michael Crider
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