The 5 Best Power Inverters for Your Car

These days most newer vehicles have a USB port or two for charging smartphones, but that’s about it. And whether you have USB ports or not, most don’t put out enough power for bigger accessories. So, if you want to charge multiple devices at a time, run a laptop, or even power a fridge to live that vanlife, these are the best power inverters for your car.

Wyze Cam v3 Gets a Window Mount for Easy Outdoor Security

The Wyze Cam v3 is a versatile security camera for inside and outside the home. But outdoor use requires running a power cable, which can difficult at best. You can put the camera in a window, but you’ll deal with glare. But we discovered an official $5 window mount that could solve that problem.

PopSockets Gets to Work With a New PopGrip Multi-Tool

Every time I buy a PopSocket, a new one comes along to take more of my money. PopSockets just launched two new products—the slim PopGrip Pocketable and the utilitarian PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool with a built-in bottle opener, hex driver, and mini pry bar. Both are available exclusively on the PopSockets website.

The 7 Best Hands-Free Voice Assistants for Your Car

You don’t need a new vehicle to get fancy features like Alexa or the Google Assistant in your car. While there are many ways to add tech to an older vehicle, putting a hands-free virtual assistant in your car is one of the easiest. So, here are some of your best options to help you keep your eyes on the road.
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