Mophie’s Slide-On Wireless Qi Battery is Like MagSafe for Everyone

Modular accessories systems: in the words of Mugatu, they’re so hot right now. Apple’s new MagSafe system on the iPhone 12 makes it magnetically compatible with cases and mounts, and fancy bag vendor Peak Design is working on a similar mounting platform with ceramic hardware. Now Mophie (a subsidiary of Zagg) is releasing its own modular mounting accessories.

Every Razer Product Name, Ranked Best to Worst

Razer is, arguably, one of the most bombastic brands out there. It’s the originator of the “gamer” aesthetic, due in no small part to its extreme branding stretching back to its founding in the late ’90s. And a big part of that branding is in its names.

The Best Joysticks and Yokes for ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’

Realistic flight simulation is kind of a niche gaming genre at this point, but for fans, a new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is about as close to combining several birthdays at once. If you want to jump in to this exciting new entry fresh, or you haven’t played in a while, you’re going to want some flight controls.

Put Baby Yoda Ears on Your Echo Dot, You Must

Otterbox wants to transport you to a galaxy far away with its Baby Yoda-inspired Echo Dot stand. It’s a soft non-slip stand that gives your Echo Dot a cute pair of Yoda ears! Fans of The Mandalorian can preorder the stand for $25 and expect delivery on August 20th.
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