Android 12 Launch Is Imminent, Skip the 5th Beta

Today Google announced the official Android 12 operating system release is “just a few weeks away,” but in the meantime, developers can also install the latest Android 12 beta 5. However, if Google’s promise of a global Android 12 release is that close, most people might as well skip this last beta.

Photoshop for iPad Finally Gets Some Useful Tools

Photoshop for iPad has come a long way. The app wouldn’t even let you resize images when it first launched in 2019, but it’s slowly becoming a usable alternative to its desktop counterpart. Today’s update is an especially large milestone; Photoshop for iPad finally has the Healing Brush and Magic Wand tools, plus some other new improvements.

Why Should You Use Open-Source Software?

Open-source software is something you’ve likely come across on the internet, commonly made by smaller development teams as free alternatives to popular programs. But this goes much further than price—open-source programs offer a lot of other positives that make them worth using.

The 30 Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad

Whether you’re looking for casual fun, brainteasers, or gripping action games, these are some of our favorite offline games for iPhone or iPad. Just remember, you’ll want to download and open any of these games before going offline to ensure they’ll work and have everything fully loaded and ready to go.
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