StockX Accidentally Leaks Nothing’s Secretive Earbud Design

On July 14th, Nothing announced that it would auction the first 100 units of its Ear 1 earbuds a week ahead of their official July 27th reveal. But StockX, the company hosting Nothing’s auction, has accidentally leaked the Ear 1 design. If this leak is accurate, then it’s our first real look at the mysterious Ear 1 buds.

The 7 Best Audacity Alternatives

Audacity is the go-to audio editor for a lot of people, and for good reason—it’s simple, free, and still reasonably powerful. But with the recent privacy controversy weakening confidence in the new owners, now’s a good time to look at the alternatives. Fortunately, there are a lot of great ones that have been competing with Audacity for years.

Sony Targets the Remote Work Crowd with a … Wireless Neck Speaker?

Remote workers who want to enjoy music without bothering family or roommates have no choice but to use headphones or earbuds all day. Or do they? Sony just announced its new SRS-NB10 wireless Neckband Speaker, an audio device that sits on your shoulders and aims sound toward your ears. Sony calls this speaker the “perfect work-from-home product,” and honestly, it’s a great idea.

Vizio Debuts Its 2021 TV and Soundbar Collection (And It’s a Doozy)

Need a new TV? Vizio just announced its 2021 to 2022 TV and soundbar lineup, all with attractive prices and a renewed focus on gaming. Even if you’re on a tight budget, Vizio’s new TVs and soundbars guarantee that you can build an excellent entertainment or gaming space—you just need to dig through the dozens of model names to find what you like.

This Belkin Adapter Lets You Add AirPlay to Any Speaker

AirPlay is one of the most useful features on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, but unless you own Apple’s expensive smart speaker or TV hardware, you’ve probably never used it. Now, Belkin is opening pre-orders for the SOUNDFORM Connect, an audio adapter that lets you add AirPlay functionality your existing speakers. The only drawback is that it costs $100.
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