This Belkin Adapter Lets You Add AirPlay to Any Speaker

AirPlay is one of the most useful features on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, but unless you own Apple’s expensive smart speaker or TV hardware, you’ve probably never used it. Now, Belkin is opening pre-orders for the SOUNDFORM Connect, an audio adapter that lets you add AirPlay functionality your existing speakers. The only drawback is that it costs $100.

Deepfake Tech Could Make Dubbed Films More Believable

Foreign movies with dubbed audio are easy to pay attention to, but only if you can overlook the out-of-sync movement of actors mouths. The solution? A TrueSync technology developed by Flawless AI that automatically syncs actors lips to match dubbed audio. In other words, deepfake lips.

Hear the Perseverance Rover Drive Across Mars In These NASA Recordings

Earlier this month, NASA’s Perseverance rover sent over the first audio recordings of the Martian surface, revealing the ghostly sound of Martian wind. Now, NASA has published a recording of the rover’s drive through Mars’ Jezero Crater, giving us an idea of the racket Martians would hear if they came across the Perseverance rover during its journey.

Listen to Martian Winds and Lasers in Recordings Taken by Perseverance Rover

The Perseverance Mars rover landed just about three weeks ago, and believe it or not, NASA is still testing all of its systems. But considering the long journey and millions of dollars spent, caution is probably a prudent measure. But in an exciting turn, NASA released the first audio recordings taken from Perseverance’s “SuperCam,” and you can hear the sound of Martian wind and lasers zapping rocks.

The New $169 Sonos Roam Takes Smart Streaming On the Road

Sonos is known for some of the best sounding multi-room speakers on the market. But if you want to leave the home and take your music with you the Sonos Move is a little too bulky for comfortable travel. Enter the Sonos Roam, the companies most affordable and smallest speaker yet. Pre-orders are open now, and the speaker will go on sale April 20th.

Your Next Pair of Sennheiser Earbuds Could Be Custom-Fit to Your Ear Canals

There’s nothing better than a tailor-made earbud. Sennheiser’s AMBEO division, which specializes in “immersive” audio, is partnering with the Formlabs 3D printing company to make custom-fitted earbuds more accessible. The idea is simple—scan your ear with a smartphone, send the data to AMBEO and Formlabs, and get a pair of eartips specially designed for your ear canals.

Google Podcasts is Pretty Good Now, Y’all

I’ve never really had a go-to dedicated podcast manager, though I’ve tried several. As a fan of Google Play Music (rest in peace), I tried out Google Podcasts when it launched. But its reliance on a limited pool of popular ongoing podcasts turned me off, as there are a few sponsored programs that I listen to that weren’t in the database.

Cowin’s $80 Sound Bar Can Split in Half for Surround Sound

Sound bars are a great way to improve your TV’s tinny speakers without taking up a lot of room. But they don’t truly surround sound thanks to grouping speakers so close together. Cowin’s new wireless sound bar might give you the best of both world. You can place it under your TV like a traditional sound bar, or split it in half to create two speakers.
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