CES 2021 Cancels In-Person Event, Goes Online-Only

We’ve been watching major events in the tech industry and beyond cancelled or moved to “online only” streaming affairs for months. With the COVID-19 epidemic still rampant in the United States, it seemed like a matter of “when” instead of “if” CES would follow suit. The “when” is now: the CTA has announced that the Consumer Electronics Show will be all-digital in January, 2021.

Let’s Hold CES 2021 in ‘Fortnite’

A couple of weeks ago, the CTA sent me a questionnaire about what they could do to make me feel safe at CES 2021, which by the way is totally happening in Las Vegas in January. That seems optimistic at best and dangerously aspirational at worst. I have an alternative: let’s all play Fortnite.

Samsung Is Now Selling Its $1,999 Rotating ‘Sero’ TV

If you always find yourself thinking, “if only my TV had a portrait mode,” Samsung has the product for you—the $1,999 Sero TV. It can mirror your phone and, in some cases, automatically rotate into a portrait position. The company announced the TV back in January, and you can buy it starting today.

8 of Our Favorite Products From CES That You Can Buy Right Now

January is an exciting month for tech,¬†largely due to the annual Consumer Electronics Show that’s held in the dangerous desert of Las Vegas. While this is a good time to get a glimpse into the upcoming year (and beyond!), it’s rare that a manufacturer announces and releases a product during the CES timeframe. If you hate the waiting game, here’s a look at some of the coolest products we saw at CES that are already available.
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