The MacBook Pro M1 with Apple Silicon is $100 Off at Amazon

Apple’s new ARM-powered Mac hardware has been wowing the tech world for a few weeks now. But if you thought that switching to the same architecture as mobile devices would make Macs easier to afford, then you were disappointed. Today Amazon has a rare discount on one of the most expensive models, a MacBook Pro with 512GB of storage.

Aukey Sale Offers Steep Discounts on Car and Travel Chargers

Aukey’s one of our favorite vendors for reliable, inexpensive accessories. Today a few of its products are even more inexpensiver cheaper thanks to sale prices on Amazon. There’s a choice between car chargers big and small, and a travel charger that works in multiple countries…for when traveling to multiple countries becomes a thing again.

Grab the Oculus Rift S VR Headset Now for $100 Off

Have a gaming PC but want a VR headset? Oculus has your back. The company is taking $100 off its high-end Rift S model, bringing the price down to $299. You can buy the headset directly on Oculus’ site, or at Lenovo, Walmart, and Amazon.

YouTube TV Subscribers, Check Your Email for a Free Chromecast with Google TV

Usually, we’re used to companies handing out free stuff to woo new subscribers and shafting loyal customers. Like that time YouTube TV handed out a Chromecast with Google TV to new subscribers only. But loyal YouTube TV subscribers rejoice because prices are going up again now Google is handing out a free Chromecast with Google TV to “long time friends.” Better go check your email.

These Roborock Robot Vacuum Deals Will Suck Up Dirt and Not Your Money

Let’s be honest: vacuuming sucks (pun intended). It’s a monotonous task that’s too loud and takes too long, and no one really loves to do it. That’s a problem robot vacuums promise to solve by doing the work for you. But robot vacuums are expensive, right? Not today! You can get a Roborock Vaccum for up to $240 off, and all you have to do is click a checkbox.

Eufy’s Excellent Video Doorbell is an Impressive $80 Off Today ($140)

If you don’t have a video doorbell, you are missing out. It’s hands down the best and most important smart home device you can own. But video doorbells are expensive and often require wiring to your home. But today, our pick for the best overall video doorbell is $80 off. For $140, you get a wireless doorbell far cheaper than the best of the rest.
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