Why a Proper Smart Home Doesn’t Need a Hub

Technically speaking, there’s no wrong way to set up a smart home. But some smart home advocates, like Joe on our sister-site How-To Geek, insist that “proper smart homes need a hub.” I disagree entirely. Your smart home doesn’t need a hub. In fact, you’re better off without one.

What Is an Ortholinear Keyboard, and Should You Use One?

If you’ve been hanging out on the corners of the internet that are obsessed with all things mechanical keyboard, you may have noticed some odd-looking designs: little rectangular boards with square keys in perfectly straight rows and columns. These are ortholinear keyboards, an interesting fad among the enthusiast crowd. What’s the deal? Let me explain for you.

Stadia Needed a “Killer App” Game—Now It’s Probably Never Getting One

Yesterday Google announced that it was shutting down Stadia Games and Entertainment, the in-house publisher and developer it had created to bring first-party games to Stadia. In the post it said that it was focusing its investment on Stadia’s platform and technology, not original content. A sentence or two later, it said high-profile hire Jade Raymond was leaving, too.

How Many Monitors Do You Need?

Multiple monitors are a popular way to boost your productivity. But how many is enough … or as it might be, too much? The answer is going to change based on a lot of factors. Your work or play style, your comfort level, your budget, and not least, your taste. There isn’t just one solution.
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