NVIDIA Brings DLSS AI Upscaling to Windows 11

A new NVIDIA driver adds DLSS support to 28 new games, plus official certification for Windows 11. The AI-powered upscaling software increases game resolution without wasting processing power, allowing PCs to run games at 4K without sacrificing FPS, draw distance, or other in-game quality settings.

Spending Time in VR Can Have Real-World Consequences

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more mainstream. Headset sales are increasing yearly as the business, research, and entertainment worlds continue to explore what the medium can offer. Unfortunately, there may be times when the headset comes off, but bits of the virtual world continues to linger.

Bluetooth Audio Arrives on the Switch, but It Kinda Sucks

I can tolerate most of the Nintendo Switch’s shortcomings. But its lack of Bluetooth audio support has always rubbed me the wrong way, and I’ve spent the last year using expensive dongles to connect wireless headphones to the console. Now, Nintendo is pushing a surprise update that adds native Bluetooth audio support to the Switch, and … ooooh boy.
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