Fitbit’s New Charge 5 is Practically a Smartwatch

Fitbit just announced the Charge 5, a fitness band with a full-color display and several features that were once exclusive to Fitbit’s smartwatches. And just as leaks suggested, Fitbit is using the Charge 5 fitness band to debut Daily Readiness, a new Premium feature that suggests workouts based on your activity, sleep, and heart rate.

Arcade1Up Announces Its First Kids’ Arcade Machines

If you want to re-experience classic arcade games like The Simpsons and NBA Jam on affordable, true-to-life machines, Arcade1Up is the company to throw your money at. But what about the next generation of gamers? To help kids understand the joy of arcade machines, Arcade1Up just announced its first kids’ machines, Pac-Man and PAW Patrol.

Samsung’s Next-Gen RAM Sticks Are Too Powerful for Your PC

Samsung’s foothold in the computer hardware market is hard to ignore. Not only does it sell some of the most cost-effective storage and memory modules, but it regularly develops cutting-edge, record-breaking products. The latest Samsung computing product is a 512GB DDR5 RAM module, the first of its kind and an outrageous leap in performance over DDR4 sticks.

GM Recalls All Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicles

After several months of sporadic recalls, emergency software updates, and fire warnings, GM is expanding its existing Chevy Bolt recall to cover all models made in 2019 and later. In other words, every Chevy Bolt ever sold is currently on recall. The company says that its flagship EV is prone to spontaneous combustion due to defects in its batteries, which are all manufactured by LG.
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