Holiday 2020: The Best Tech Gifts Under $100

It can be tough to stick to a budget while doing your holiday shopping. However, if you’re looking to spend anywhere from $75-$100 on a gift, we found the best tech gifts within that price range. From drones and bookshelf speakers to telescopes and turntables, we’ve got fun picks for everyone in your family.

Holiday 2020: Gifts You Can Send Remotely, No Shipping Needed

Shipping items during the holiday season is hardly predictable. If you didn’t get your orders in early then you may be dealing with late shipments or items being out of stock. But why deal with all that? After all, there are plenty of useful or entertaining gifts you can purchase for your friends and family that are completely digital—no shipping or hassle required.

Gifting a Game Console? Don’t Forget the Subscription!

You were lucky enough to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, a PlayStation 5, or an Xbox Series X/S. But before you call Christmas a wrap, you gotta grab a subscription for Switch Online, PlayStation Plus, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. These subscriptions are the key to playing games with friends, and they come with cool perks like free games and discounts on new titles.

Holiday 2020: The Best Home Arcade Cabinets

Who doesn’t love killing time in some classic arcade games? From Pac-Man to Marvel Vs. Capcom, these video games hold a special place in many people’s hearts. And while playing them on a console port is fine, playing them on a home arcade machine is so much better. So if you’ve got some arcade fanatics in your life, here are cabinets you can gift that don’t break the bank or eat up too much space. Plus, they look great anywhere—game room or otherwise.

Holiday 2020: The Best Tech Gifts Under $75

The holidays are fast approaching and, if you’re like us, you’ve still got some holiday shopping to do. If you’re wondering what to get the tech geeks in your life, look no further than our list of the best tech gifts under $75. At this price point, you can buy some seriously impressive gadgets without breaking the bank.

Holiday 2020: 9 Great Retro Tech Gifts

We all have nostalgic sweet spots, and for many, tech items of the era can be an immediate throwback to another time. While these products may be mostly for novelty or some quick fun, that doesn’t diminish the legitimate joy they can bring. And there are quite a few retro revivals kicking around that will make great gifts this year.

Holiday 2020: The Best Affordable Phones

A shiny new phone is sure to be a gift that anyone can appreciate. The issue is, there are a lot of extravagantly expensive phones on the market today. While these phones may receive a lot of attention, they’re hardly your only options for gifts this year. And to prove that, we selected five phones that all cost under $500 which would make excellent gifts for those in need of a new phone.

Holiday 2020: The Best Gifts for Musicians

Serious musicians live and breathe music, so it makes sense that they’d probably want a music-themed gift for the holidays. Fortunately, we rounded up a variety of gifts—like MIDI controllers and digital music lesson services—that will appeal to musicians of all kinds (and of all skill levels).

The Best Streaming Services with Gift Subscriptions

Subscription services like Apple Music, Disney+, and PlayStation Now allow us to escape life for a moment and enjoy new and classic music, movies, TV shows, and video games. We compiled a list of the best streaming services that allow you to buy a gift subscription, so you can treat your loved ones to some much-needed entertainment.

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