Microsoft Finally Updates Its Snipping Tool for Windows 11

It seems that MS Paint isn’t the only app Windows 11 is saving from the grave. Microsoft’s Panos Panay says that the Snipping Tool will see a major redesign in the next Windows Insider build. It will also gain a bundle of new features from Snip & Sketch, the app that was supposed to replace the original Snipping Tool.

Will Your ASUS Motherboard Support Windows 11?

If you’ve been following the Windows 11 news lately, you know all about the minimum hardware requirements for Microsoft’s new operating system. One of those requirements is a TPM 2.0 chip. ASUS is busy releasing BIOS updates with automatic TPM support, and here’s how you can get the update or see if your ASUS motherboard is ready.

PSVR 2 Leaks Tease Big UX Upgrades and AAA Game Support

Sony hinted that it’s working on a new PlayStation VR a few months ago with new controllers, but tons of information leaked this week from a Sony developer summit. The leaks promise dramatic improvements to the display, field of view, performance, controllers, game support, and more.

Wyze Home Monitoring Alerts You to More (and Less) in New Update

Wyze Home Monitoring is one of the most affordable home security plans available, starting at $5 a month plus the price of hardware. And while Wyze offers a ton of great features with its Home Monitoring plan, users have long asked for features like silent arming. Some of these features are now available in the latest Wyze app update.

Who Needs Microsoft Edge’s New “Super Duper Secure” Mode?

Microsoft’s Edge Vulnerability Team is experimenting with a new “Super Duper Secure Mode” that goes against standard browser practices to significantly boost web security. And while this new “Secure Mode” may sound like a feature for overly-concerned IT departments, it could one day become the default setting for all Edge users. So how does it work?
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