Why You Should (Still) Trust Nest More Than Ring

Yesterday, Ring announced it would start requiring two-factor authentication for all user accounts effective immediately. And while that’s a great start, it’s not enough. The company can and should do more. The truth is, it’s playing catchup to another security camera company: Nest. If you have to pick, you should trust Nest before Ring, and here’s why.

You Can Play the First Five Levels of This Abandoned Game for Free

Game development is difficult. Most modern-day AAA games require hundreds of developers working for years (sometimes close to a decade) on a single project. Sometimes though, it’s the little independent games we love the most. When a few people set out to make a great game with no backing, it makes for a great success story. But SkyRider, though a great game, is not a success story. And you should play it anyway.

Amazon’s Anker Deal of the Day Features Some Actual Deals

Amazon is running another set of Anker deals today, and if you pay close attention, some of the discounts are worth your time. Top of the list is the Anker Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, followed by a USB-C to Lightning Cable, and two power strips offered at their lower prices ever. But you can skip the other deals.

A Motorola Razr is Reportedly Peeling Apart at the Fold

We’ve already suggested that maybe you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy Z Flip yet, and that advice was quickly vindicated. But perhaps we should go ahead and broaden that statement to, “maybe you shouldn’t buy any foldable phone yet.” The folks over at Input bought a Motorola Razr just over a week ago, and now it’s peeling apart.
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