Google Search Adds Doomscrolling Support on Mobile

Continuous scrolling is one of the hallmarks of modern app design. You can scroll forever on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see an endless stream of content, all without pressing a “See More” or “Page 2” button. And now, the Google Search app supports continuous scrolling, allowing you to turn questions like “what can you do with pumpkins” into hours-long doomscrolling marathons.

This TikTok Scam Tricks Your Kids Into Downloading Malware

Have you ever seen a scam so obvious that only a kid could fall for it? As reported by Malwarebytes, scammers on TikTok are offering “free” download codes for popular games as part of a malvertising scheme—kids are encouraged to visit a website for free games, and malware is automatically downloaded to their computer through ads.
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