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LastPass Gains an Essential Feature on iPhone and iPad

After what seems like a lifetime, LastPass now automatically saves new passwords made in iOS and iPadOS. The update saves you from jumping back and forth between apps when generating new logins with LastPass. Additionally, LastPass can now autofill credit card information and save online forms to the vault on iPhone and iPad.

Your Keyboard Walking Password Isn’t Complex Or Secure

Each year security experts plead for the general public to use unique and more secure passwords, but every year we’re reminded that the most-used passwords are awful. A popular trend is known as “keyboard walking,” and while the passwords look strong, secure, and often meet complexity standards, it’s a well-known trick that you’ll want to avoid.

No, LastPass Isn’t Holding Your Passwords Hostage

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of “news” articles and Reddit posts claiming that LastPass intentionally prevents free users from exporting their password vault. And although the LastPass export process is a bit confusing, these claims are completely false. LastPass isn’t holding your data hostage.

Here’s Why Storing Passwords In Your Browser Is a Bad Idea

We often warn that browser-based password managers lack the security and features of dedicated password software. But still, they’re better than nothing, right? A new report from AhnLab ASEC proves the opposite—storing passwords in your browser leaves you incredibly vulnerable to hackers, even if you use unique passwords for each of your accounts.

It’s Time to Update Your LastPass Master Password

Whether you’re a long-time LastPass user or a new subscriber, it may be time to update your master password. Several LastPass users report that hackers are trying to break into their account using correct login information, which may have been obtained through unrelated data breaches.

1Password Adds a Temporary Email Generator to Help Avoid Spam

1Password just launched a new feature that will let users create randomized fake email addresses to help avoid spam and increase privacy. It works similar to Apple’s “Hide my Email” feature and will automatically generate unique email addresses for when you’re forced to sign up for a new account, service, or website but don’t want to make your main email public.
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