The Turboant X7 Electric Scooter Is an Awesome City Ride

When the second the Turboant X7 electric scooter was offered up for review, I jumped at the chance. This not-quite-pocket rocket is currently retailing at $449.99 and, if you ask me, is worth every cent. Why? Because the money you’ll save on city travel with this little beast is going to pay for the Turboant X7 many times over.

Logitech ERGO K860 Review: The Only Keyboard I’ll Use

I was born an old man. When I was six or seven, I woke up many nights screaming in pain. Several X-Rays and MRIs later, and the Doctors had a diagnosis—arthritis. It’s something prevalent in my family, and arthritis was ultimately the cause of my grandmother’s death. I’m telling you all of this to give you a better understanding of why ergonomic keyboards are essential to me, and why I’ll only use the ERGO K860 going forward.

Amazon Fire HD 8: The Best Budget Tablet Has New Tricks and Old Flaws

Amazon is one of few companies to carve out a space in the tablet market. Its Fire tablets, while limited by hardware and app selection, are incredibly affordable and perfect for streaming, reading, or light gaming. And while the new $90 Fire HD 8 is appealing for its new smart features and upgraded processor, its faults feel more obvious than ever.

One Little Button Keeps Me from Loving the ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II

Do a search for the laptops with the best keyboard, and you’ll find Lenovo’s ThinkPad line at the top of every list. The company has kept the series’ dedication to a solid typing experience ever since it took over from IBM way back in 2005. The ThinkPad Keyboard is a way to bring that excellent keyboard, and its signature TrackPoint mouse replacement, to other devices.
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