MOGA XP5-X Plus Review: A Premium Mobile Controller for the Game-Streaming Future

While most mobile games are designed with touch screens in mind, we’re starting to see more console/PC games playable on mobile devices through streaming platforms like Google Stadia and GeForce NOW. When it comes to those types of games, you’re going to need a controller to properly play them, and the MOGA XP5-X Plus from PowerA was specifically designed with these platforms in mind.

The Microsoft Surface Duo Makes a Great First Impression Until You Turn It On

Despite knowing better, I ordered a Surface Duo. As a former employee, I’m a Microsoft fan and it’s easy for me to believe in the Microsoft vision. So I ordered the Duo because I saw the concept for a new device category and embraced it. I’ve handled the device for a few hours now and have some quick thoughts—It makes a fantastic first impression, a terrible second impression, and an OK third impression.

1More Over-Ear Headphones Provide Good Sound at a Good Price

Decent headphones aren’t inexpensive, but they don’t necessarily have to cost $300 or more.  If you’re willing to compromise just a little bit on sound quality and features, the 1More Over-Ears headphones will give you good sound and comfort, and will be somewhat easier on your wallet. They aren’t wireless, however, and they lack active noise cancellation (ANC), common features even at this price point.

Oppo Watch Review: Making the Most Out of a Bad Situation

The world of smartwatches has evolved dramatically and quickly. That is unless you consider Google’s Wear OS platform, which hasn’t grown or changed much since the 2.0 update nearly two years ago. That’s what OPPO had to work with for its Watch—a platform riddled with shortcomings relative to the rest of the market. But by adding its own features in, it hopes to offset Wear OS’ faults.

Self-Emptying Shark IQ Robotic Vacuum: A Bot with a Purpose

Being a “gadget guy” means that I’m always riding that fine line between cost and practical benefits in order to justify my purchases to the wife. So, when she asked me to get a new robot vacuum for our newly renovated floors, I immediately started researching the best options and executed a purchase before she could change her mind! Did I choose wisely? Let’s find out.

The Fluidstance Slope Reminded Me That Writing Stuff Down Rocks

Think about the last time you wrote something down. Like, with a pen. On some sort of writing surface. For me, that’s been quite a while—until I got the Fluidstance Slope for review, anyway. Fluidstance describes the Slope as a “personal desktop whiteboard,” but I just call it a quick place to jot down ideas. But it’s also something I didn’t realize how much I needed until I got it.
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