6 High-Quality Keyboards That Aren’t Mechanical

Mechanical keyboards have taken the world by storm as some of the highest-end keyboards you can buy—but they’re not for everyone. Some users don’t like the high-travel distance that most mechanical keyboards boast, and others dislike the sound of even the quietest MX-style switches. Fortunately, there are still plenty of quality keyboards out there that don’t use mechanical switches.

The Best Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps, also known as PWAs, are web applications that straddle the two worlds of smartphone apps and full-on websites you’d normally view in your browser, giving you the best of both. Essentially, PWAs turn a website into a standalone app. They don’t require you to open your internet browser to use them, but they still let you get push notifications, and many of them are even optimized to work offline. They’re also just as safe as using a website, native app, or mobile app.

50 Video Games You Can Replay Forever

If you’ve found yourself with a lot of free time on your hands, you could use it to learn a new skill. But you won’t. You could do some of those projects you’ve been putting off. But you won’t do that, either. Nope, you’re going to play just a crap-ton of video games.

16 Star Wars Model Kits for Fans of All Ages

Starships are one of the most iconic parts of Star Wars. Pretty much anyone can recognize a Tie Fighter, X-Wing, or Star Destroyer. And, with such great ship designs, people naturally want to own real-world versions of them. Plenty of figures and playsets have been released over the years to capture these designs, but there is something to be said for building the ship yourself.

The 3 Best VPN Services for 2020

A VPN (virtual private network) service is a great way to ensure you have a secure network connection while online. It also allows you to protect your browsing history, torrent, and access content that is blocked or regionally restricted.
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