7 Animal Crossing-Like Games for Non-Nintendo Platforms

Animal Crossing: New Horizons¬†released earlier this month to critical praise and plenty of internet hype. But not everyone owns a Switch, which means they can’t play Animal Crossing—a true tragedy. Fortunately, many indie devs have been making games that capture parts of the Animal Crossing formula for years now.

Shopping Challenge: Spruce Up Your Home Office for Under $300

A ton of our readers are starting to work from home, and possibly finding that a single laptop or desktop isn’t well-equipped for hours of use at a time. If you’re in a hurry and on a budget, this post is for you. We’ve challenged ourselves to find the best stuff to upgrade your home office for under $300 total.

The Fastest Wireless Chargers for Every Device Imaginable

It’s impossible to ignore the convenience of wireless charging. Yet, that convenience factor always comes at the price of charging speed—at least, that’s what it feels like when you use a crappy wireless charger. Most modern phones support reasonably fast wireless charging speeds. You just need to own a wireless charger that’s fast enough to keep up.

30 Chill Games to Unwind From Your Stressful Life With

Video games are the ultimate form of escapism—they can absorb you into their world better than any other form of media. With such absorbing worlds, they can be a great way to relax and unwind, but not every game is well-suited for that. So today, we wanted to shine a light on the calmer side of gaming, showing off games that take it upon themselves to give you chill and relaxing experiences.

6 High-Quality Keyboards That Aren’t Mechanical

Mechanical keyboards have taken the world by storm as some of the highest-end keyboards you can buy—but they’re not for everyone. Some users don’t like the high-travel distance that most mechanical keyboards boast, and others dislike the sound of even the quietest MX-style switches. Fortunately, there are still plenty of quality keyboards out there that don’t use mechanical switches.
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