Ditch the Saddlebag with Waterfield’s Cycling Jersey Pocket Tool Case

Look beneath the saddle of almost any cyclists’ bike and you’ll likely see an under-seat saddle bag to carry a flat kit and other emergency items. But that’s not pro. No saddlebag is the cleanest look–but therein lies the problem. How are you supposed to carry your gear without a saddlebag? It’s not like non-pro riders have a team car for when they flat.

Creative Outlier Air v2 Review: Better In (Almost) Every Way

Many moons ago—perhaps even a decade ago in 2020 years—I called the Creative Outlier Air the best true wireless earbuds for the money. Now, Creative is back with the aptly named Outlier Air v2, which fixes the most nagging issue with the v1 (spoiler: the buttons). But the true wireless landscape has changed dramatically in the last year, so can the $69 v2 hold the best value title?

Galaxy S20 Fan Edition Review: A Fancy but Frugal Flagship Phone

Praise be to the mighty Samsung, for it has heard our pleas of “good freakin’ grief, phones are getting too expensive.” In its infinite wisdom, it hath remade the Galaxy S20, flagship from earlier in 2020, with slightly cheaper materials and components. It hath been rechristened the “Fan Edition,” and bestowed upon us for seven hundred dollarydoos. Hot diggity, rejoice!

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Review: Wait for a Sale on the Original

I was extremely excited when Lenovo first showed off the Smart Clock Essential. As a simpler, cheaper version of the Smart Clock, one of our favorite smart home gadgets, it seemed like an easy winner. Alas, that’s not the case: a combination of poor user interface choices and flaky, undependable software makes the Smart Clock Essential a dud at best.

The ‘NBA Jam’ Arcade Cabinet Proves Arcade1Up Is (Almost) on Fire

It’s hard to put my finger on what makes the perfect retro arcade cabinet. You want something with style, quality hardware, and games you’ll love. Any extra features should add to the experience, not detract. And for Arcade1Up’s $400 NBA Jam Arcade Machine, the extra features both elevate it to a better machine and prevent a perfect score. It’s so close to a firey slam dunk, but while it’s not quite that, it’s at least a three-pointer, nothing but net. 
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