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RedMagic 7 Phone Review: Stunning Design and Powerful Internals

The term “gaming phone” sounds cheesy because, honestly, it is. But really, it just means the device has steller internal components that’ll let you carry out any activity with speed and smoothness. The RedMagic 7 is a gaming phone, yes, but it’s also just a really awesome smartphone for the everyday user.

Satechi Pro Hub Max Review: This Dongle Does it All

While Apple’s latest 2021 MacBook Pro has more ports than older models that only come with four USB-C spots, it’s still missing a wide range of helpful I/O ports. So instead of carrying around a slew of dongles, your best option is Satechi’s new Pro Hub Max.

Keychron Q1 Review: A Bit of Everything, With Room for More

Keychron is well known for its wireless keyboards like the K6 and K2, but the Keychron Q1 is a new class entirely. While it drops wireless support, it offers immense customization options, premium build quality, and a great introduction to custom mechanical keyboards, all for less than $200.
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