Withings Says Its New Mat Can Identify Sleep Apnea with Medical Precision

Withings, maker of hybrid smartwatches, scales, and blood pressure monitors, also makes sleep tracking gadgets. Its latest mat, creatively christened the Sleep Analyzer, is focusing on the common condition of sleep apnea. Withings says that the gadget can detect the irregular sleeping pattern with enough precision for a medical diagnosis, citing trial studies in European hospitals.

IKEA’s Smart Blinds are Online Now for $129 and Up

IKEA’s mix of practical designs and relatively low prices have made it a lot of fans, and said fans have adopted its introductory forays into smarthome tech with enthusiasm. The company’s latest tech product is a set of powered blinds, compatible with both IKEA’s own smarthome system and by extension, Google, Apple, and Amazon’s. It’s on sale starting today.

How to Tell Which Generation of Philips Hue Bridge You Have

Philips just announced that it’s ending all support for first-generation Hue Bridges. And while that usually means no more patches and features, this goes a bit further—no more internet. You’ll still have local control of your lights, but if you want remote control, you’ll need to upgrade to generation two. How can you tell which version you have? It’s easy, just look at the shape. If it’s a circle, you’re in trouble.

The 7 Best Alternatives to Ring Products

Ring, an Amazon-owned security company, has a reputation problem right now. Between blaming users for security problems Ring could prevent, and a less than transparent relationship with law enforcement, it’s hard to recommend anything from the company. Thankfully, you can find plenty of alternatives to Ring products, whether it’s cameras, lights, or security. Here are seven suggestions to consider.

The 5 Best Smart Home Hubs (That Aren’t Wink)

Every smart home needs a brain—a single unit that can tie all the smart devices together and provide a single source of control. Choosing a smart home hub can be difficult. Whatever you choose opens up some possibilities, and closes others. Knowing what kind of smart home features you need will help narrow down your choices. Here are five great options.

Amazon, Apple, Google, and ZigBee Want to Join Forces in Your Smart Home

Choosing what smart home devices to buy can be a chore. You need to know what platforms a device supports like Alexa, Google Assistant, ZigBee, and more. Manufacturing them is equally complicated. Now Amazon, Apple, Google, and the ZigBee Alliance are promising a solution to the problem: work together! They’re forming a working group called Project Connected Home over IP to create one standard to bridge them all.
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