The Best Programmable Thermostats Under $100

Most people can live without an expensive smart thermostat. If you want to automate your home temperature and save a little cash, then a cheap programmable thermostat is all you need. Here are our favorite programmable thermostats, along with info on why they might be right for you.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor Is Almost Unbelievably Good for $50

Wyze might be one of my favorite companies right now: It makes quality smart home products, with good software and apps, at prices that seem borderline impossible. I’ve been using the inexpensive Wyze Cam for a while, and my only complaint was that it wasn’t actually rated for the outdoor conditions of the porch where I was using it.

Wemo Moves Its Smart Home Device Management to the Cloud

Wemo, the maker of well known smart plugs, switches, and more, has a device management problem. Often, setting up multiple Wemo devices and getting them to work together is a difficult, arduous task. That was due to the local control method the company used. But it now it’s fixing that by moving to the cloud.

Withings Says Its New Mat Can Identify Sleep Apnea with Medical Precision

Withings, maker of hybrid smartwatches, scales, and blood pressure monitors, also makes sleep tracking gadgets. Its latest mat, creatively christened the Sleep Analyzer, is focusing on the common condition of sleep apnea. Withings says that the gadget can detect the irregular sleeping pattern with enough precision for a medical diagnosis, citing trial studies in European hospitals.
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