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The Latest Nest Doorbell and Cam Are Perfect for Renters

After several years of living the wired lifestyle, Nest Cam owners can finally upgrade to battery-powered devices. Google just announced the new Nest Doorbell (Battery) and Nest Cam (Battery) for $180 each. Launching August 28th, these seem like a fantastic option for renters—though Google also plans to drop a 2nd gen wired Nest Cam and the first Nest Cam with Floodlight later this year.

Nokia’s New Smart Lighting Products Won’t Confuse Your Family Members

Smart bulbs can transform your home into an exciting, automated wonderland—but only if your family members agree to stop flipping light switches. Nokia’s solution is to skip the smart bulbs entirely. Its new line of Smart Lighting switches add dimming, automation, and voice control to an entire room, and can be flipped on and off by family members without any consequence.

All the Wyze Products That Cost More Now (So Far)

In May, Wyze announced that component shortages could lead to sporadic price changes across its catalog. The company has since increased the price of its Video Doorbell, Wyze Cam, and more recently, its Wyze Home Monitoring kit. Now it seems that Wyze has quietly raised the price of its Thermostat, Bulb Color, and several other items.

Limited-Time Deal: Buy a Wyze Lock, Get a Free Keypad

Released in 2020, the Wyze Lock is still one of the most affordable smart locks on the market—but it’s hard to recommend without the $25 Keypad. Now, Wyze is offering a free Keypad with all Wyze Lock purchases, a limited-time deal to help you add a layer of security and convenience to your smart home.

The 5 Best Smart Locks for 2021

Smart locks make it easy to come and go without leaving your door unlocked, and can even help friends or family get inside when you’re away from home. But choosing the perfect smart lock is easier said than done. Here are the best smart locks for every household.

Apple’s Original HomePod is Dead, Long Live HomePod Mini

Four years after its launch, Apple has officially discontinued the full-sized HomePod. Despite its stellar sound quality and HomeKit integration, the $350 HomePod (now $299) failed to meet Apple’s sales goals due to its high price, limited streaming service support, and incompatibility with most smarthome devices. Apple is now focusing on the smaller, $99 HomePod Mini, which came out at the tail end of 2020.

Back These Weird Smart Devices in Amazon’s Kickstarter-Like Venture

Amazon launched its Day 1 Editions program in 2020 to test the sell-ability of strange new products like the Echo Frames and Echo Loop. Now, the company is expanding its Day 1 program with a new Build It initiative, where customers crowdsource new products into existence. And the first of Amazon’s Build It products—a smart cuckoo clock, nutrition scale, and sticky note printer, are very weird, to say the least.
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