Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review: The Foldable Has Ascended

The original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was an interesting phone, as it was a throwback to the flip phones that many of us grew up with. But it was a first-generation product and suffered from first-generation issues as a result. The Z Flip 3 (they skipped 2) fixes a lot of that, and it’s a great look at the current-future of smartphones.

BLU G91 Pro Review: A Marginal Upgrade

At the end of August, BLU launched the successor to its G90 Pro gaming phone with the aptly named G91 Pro. It has a few upgrades over its predecessor and a few surprising downgrades. Overall, the G91 Pro offers excellent price to performance, making it a great phone for anyone on a budget.

TCL Shelves Its Nearly-Finished Foldable Phone Release

TCL might not be the first company you think of in the smartphone world, but its first entries into the affordable smartphone market showed plenty of promise. For over a year, the company has also demonstrated intriguing foldable phone concepts. But now TCL says it’s putting those plans on hold.

Android 12 Launch Is Imminent, Skip the 5th Beta

Today Google announced the official Android 12 operating system release is “just a few weeks away,” but in the meantime, developers can also install the latest Android 12 beta 5. However, if Google’s promise of a global Android 12 release is that close, most people might as well skip this last beta.
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