The First Android 12 Beta Arrives with Big Changes in Tow

Today at its I/O Developer conference, Google took the wraps off the first Beta for Android 12. On top of releasing the beta for phones for Pixels, OnePlus, TCL, and more, the company laid out some large changes to the look and feel of Android. It’s all about privacy and all about Material You. 

[Update: Nope!] Google’s Pixel 5a Phone May Be Canceled

With the Pixel 5 out, it’s hard not to think about a Pixel 5a. After all, Google’s previous Pixel 4a might be the perfect phone at a budget price, and a new version should be better. But according to prolific leaker Jon Prosser, Google may have canceled the Pixel 5a. But honestly, that’s no so bad.

All About Nothing, The Company That Will Bring You Something

Look around in the tech news world right now, and you might see buzz forming around a company named “Nothing.” It doesn’t have any products yet, or even specific news about the products it might make. Thus far, Nothing has purchased an interesting company and released some design concepts. So what is Nothing, and is it Something to pay attention to? Let’s dig in.

Why You Don’t Need an Expensive Smartphone Anymore

As flagship devices from Samsung, Apple, Google, and OnePlus get more and more expensive, you might feel forced to keep up with the increased prices. But times have changed, and most phones under $500 offer the performance, battery life, and camera quality that used to be reserved for high-end handsets. In other words, you don’t need an expensive phone anymore.
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