The Motorola One 5G UW is Verizon’s Midrange Push For Ultra Wideband

Motorola’s been making a name for itself with budget and midrange phones for years, and now it’s teaming up with Verizon to combine that acumen with Ultra Wideband 5G. The new Motorola One 5G UW (for “Unexpectedly Wet,” just kidding it’s Ultra Wideband) was announced as a network exclusive. It’s on sale now for $550 on Verizon’s online store.

‘Hey Google’ Can Now Control Some of Your Favorite Apps

Arguably one of the best parts about smartphones is the apps you can install to do more. But sometimes it’s inconvenient to unlock your phone and touch the screen to control them. If you’re on Android, there’s good news for you: you can now control many apps with your voice, and more apps are coming.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Is a More Affordable Flagship Smartphone

The Galaxy S20 is a fine flagship phone, though in some ways, it does more to prove the future of foldables than sell itself. But no matter how good a flagship is, $1,000 money is a lot of money to spend on a phone. We think you’d be better off buying a budget phone, smartwatch, and earbuds. But, maybe another good option is the $699 Galaxy S20 SE.

Plastic Phones Are the Best Phones—Here’s Why

Plastic’s got a bad rap. We fool ourselves into thinking that plastic phones are cheap and ugly, but they’re just as good as a glass-backed and aluminum devices. In fact, you might prefer a lightweight and durable plastic phone over the greasy glass sandwich that’s weighing down your pocket.

Samsung Announces Galaxy Z Fold 2 Release Date, Carrier Info, and Pricing

We already know a lot about the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2. It has a larger external screen, an improved camera experience, 5G capability, and an edge to edge internal screen. But what we didn’t know was how much the phone would cost, which carriers you could use it with, or when you could buy it—until now. Samsung says the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will release on September 18, and it will cost $1,999.99. You get get it through Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
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