Elgato’s Latest Streaming Hardware Includes the Least Annoying Webcam Ever

As a brand, Elgato is inseparable from game streaming and content creation. The company’s capture cards and live production controllers are essential to any professional-grade setup, but as a whole, Elgato’s catalog is in need of a refresh. That’s why Elgato has just announced a ton of new products, including an upgraded Stream Deck MK.2 and a webcam that doesn’t have a mind of its own.

Netflix Will Narc on Your Kid’s Watch History with Bi-Weekly Emails

This week Netflix announced two new features that highlight its children’s programming. For one, subscribers will see a new top 10 list on kids and family profiles that ranks the most popular shows and movies for children. Then, Netflix will tattletale on your kids and send bi-weekly emails that detail what each profile is watching.

Samsung’s Free TV Streaming Service Works on Other Devices Now

For those that didn’t know, Samsung has a free TV streaming service accessible from Samsung Smart TVs, phones, tablets, and more. It’s called Samsung TV Plus, which lets you watch several live TV channels for free. However, now you can enjoy Samsung’s free TV streaming service even if you don’t own a Samsung.

Marvel Asks ‘What If…?’ in a New Disney+ Animated Series

In Ray Bradbury’s short story A Sound of Thunder, a seemingly insignificant change in ancient history creates a ripple effect, completely transforming the future. Marvel Studios will explore this “butterfly effect” with the release of What If…?, a new Disney+ animated series that shows how the Marvel universe would become unrecognizable if some of its formative events happened just a little bit differently.

Amazon Extends 100-Person Watch Parties to Fire TV Devices

Amazon rolled out its browser-based Watch Party feature over a year ago, allowing up to 100 Prime subscribers to join in on a Prime Video stream with a built-in chat. Now, Watch Party streaming finally works on Fire TV devices, though you have to use your phone to chat with other Watch Party participants.
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