HBO Max App Finally Arrives for Vizio SmartCast TVs

As of now, the carousel of apps on the SmartCast home screen will populate free content that’s available from HBO Max, which is nice. Keep in mind that HBO Max no longer offers free trials, but users can get free samples of shows by watching a pilot episode of some of the platform’s most popular series and documentaries. Additionally, the app is available directly from the apps menu. As a result, SmartCast users will have an easier time finding and playing HBO content.

Modern Tech Makes Science Fiction Look Like Ancient Past

People have used fiction to escape the mundane world they live their daily lives in since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, due to relatively recent technological strides, things that would have seemed fantastical or impossible a few decades ago may now be on par with something you have lying on your coffee table.

TCL’s Latest TVs Embrace Google TV and Gaming

These new Google-powered TCL televisions deliver a content-first interface built for consumers. Plus, for the first time, these TVs will have hands-free voice controls and benefit from Google Assistant search to find nearly 700,000+ movies and TV shows. Additionally, the Assistant can answer questions, manage or control smart home devices, and much more.

Netflix Will Take a Unique Approach with Its Upcoming SpaceX Docuseries

This September, SpaceX will send its first all-civilian crew into low Earth orbit for three days. It’s a proof of concept for space tourism, and as such, it will receive a lot of press coverage. But unlike Jeff Bezos’ space adventure, this upcoming Inspiration4 mission will get its own Netflix docuseries called Countdown, with episodes airing in near real-time.
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