OnePlus Shows Off Its Smartwatch Ahead of March 23rd Event

OnePlus’ March 23rd event will be full of surprises—for those who don’t follow the brand on Twitter, anyway. After Unbox Therapy shared a render of the upcoming OnePlus Watch on Twitter, OnePlus retweeted the post, confirming the smartwatch’s design. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has also confirmed some of the devices’ features in a recent forum post.

Olive Pro Earbuds Merge Hearing Aids with True Wireless Earbuds

Hearing aids often cost thousands of dollars, require visits to audiologists, and come with a stigma attached. Olive Pro earbuds want to solve all those problems. For $300 ($150 if you back the campaign now), you get a set of hearing aids that look like true wireless earbuds and come with advanced AI to cut out background noise.

UCLA’s ASL Glove Interprets Sign Language at 60 Words per Minute

Bioengineers at UCLA are developing a glove that interprets American Sign Language into spoken English through a smartphone app. The system works in real-time at 60 words per minute, with a 98.63% percent accuracy. While far from being a finished product, UCLA’s ASL gloves could become a resource for education or accessibility in the future.

Qualcomm Hopes the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ Can Revive Wear OS Watches

After growing reliably for a few years, wearable sales have been declining for the last two quarters. If you’re not Apple (or in the insular Chinese market, Xiaomi), you’re not looking so hot. Part of that is a lack of competition for the Apple Watch, but another part is flagging hardware. Qualcomm thinks it has the solution to the latter.

Fitbit’s $5,000 Ventilator Gets Emergency FDA Approval

Fitbit is putting its expertise to work with the Fitbit Flow ventilator, a low-cost device with emergency FDA approval for use throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In a statement for The Verge, Fitbit estimated that its ventilators would sell for around $5,000 each—tens of thousands of dollars less than the average medical-grade ventilator.
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