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Today’s Quordle Answers

Wordle was just too easy, wasn’t it? You probably left that behind and moved on to Quordle, the true “hard mode” of the word-guessing game format. But now you’re stuck and so close to failing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a hint—and if you really need it, today’s Quordle Answers.

‘Wordle’ Now Exists in an Official Smartphone App

It seems that Wordle is no longer just a browser game. Starting today, Wordle is included in the NYT Crossword app for iOS and Android. This app requires a New York Times Games subscription, though it allows you to play all of the publication’s popular word games in one place.

Spotify Bought Our Favorite ‘Wordle’ Alternative

The game Wordle took over the internet for a good while earlier this year, and dozens of similar trivia games emerged trying to emulate its success. Today, Spotify announced it acquired Heardle, our favorite Wordle alternative, and instead of guessing a new word each day, you guess a popular song.

NYT’s New WordleBot Is Perfect for ‘Wordle’ Stat Nerds

Honing your Wordle skills takes time, effort, and a surprising amount of research. But an interesting tool called WordleBot can help streamline things a bit. Developed by The New York Times, WordleBot expands upon your Wordle stats and analyzes your daily performance, helping you see how certain choices affect your game.
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