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NYT’s New WordleBot Is Perfect for ‘Wordle’ Stat Nerds

Honing your Wordle skills takes time, effort, and a surprising amount of research. But an interesting tool called WordleBot can help streamline things a bit. Developed by The New York Times, WordleBot expands upon your Wordle stats and analyzes your daily performance, helping you see how certain choices affect your game.

Guess Video Game Music With This ‘Wordle’ Clone

It’s fair to say that pretty much everyone has heard of Wordle at this point. It’s also fair to say that folks have heard of all the Wordle clones out there. But what about clones of those clones? This new game is based on Heardle, and you’ll need to guess a video game song.

‘Quordle’ Is The New ‘Wordle’ On Super Hard Mode

Unless you’re a total wordsmith, multi-tasking while playing Wordle is basically impossible. But you know what’s even harder? Multi-tasking Wordle with three other games of Wordle. That’s the idea behind Quordle, a new game that’s (unfortunately) made me too tired to finish my workday.
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